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              1. 图集上的uv是什么原理?

                2021-04-20 15:36:20 作者:admin



                这篇文章就重点说明,为什么要打图集这么多此一举的事情,以及引擎在我给sprite 的name赋值之后又干了啥,这两个问题。





                好的,一般情形下盘算机是不知道哪些像素点要涂上什么色彩,这时候我们可以拿谋划的数据表思路来解决了,谋划同窗设计了一张拿像素点的x、y坐标做ID的数据表,接着勤恳的美术同窗填好一张数据表,最后程序同窗 写上程序遍历每个像素点,并应用遍历时候的x,y两个像素坐标,然后依据坐标取出了对应的数据,赋值给对应的对象。oh~yeah 轮廓的草图就上色好了。

                弥On the evening of the 11th he had the satisfaction to find himself close to the enemy, and at daybreak of the 12th the battle began. At first there was so little wind that Rodney was unable to put into execution his long-cherished scheme of breaking right through the centre of the enemy's line, and beating one half before the other could come to the rescue. About noon a breeze sprang up, and afforded the long-desired opportunity. Rodney was now in the van, and after Captain Gardiner, in the Duke, had made the first attempt and fallen back disabled, Rodney's own ship, the Formidable, broke through, followed by the Namur and the Canada. The great end of Rodney was gained. He had cut in two the vast fleet, and his ships doubling on one half threw the whole into confusion. The half to the windward were terribly raked, whilst the half to the leeward were unable to come up to their aid. The battle, however, continued without respite from noon till evening, the leeward half endeavouring to join and return to the charge, but without being able. The most striking part of the action was the attack on the great ship of De Grasse, the Ville de Paris. That huge vessel, the pride of the French navy, towering over all far and near, attracted the ambition of Captain Cornwallis, of the Canada, the brother of Lord Cornwallis, to whose surrender De Grasse had so largely contributed. Captain Cornwallis, as if determined on a noble revenge, attacked the Ville de Paris with fury, hugely as it towered above him, and so well did he ply his guns that he soon reduced the monster almost to a wreck. De Grasse fought desperately, but Hood coming up in the Barfleur, about sunset, to the assistance of Cornwallis, De Grasse was compelled to strike his flag. On board the Ville de Paris were found thirty-six chests of money, intended to pay the conquerors of Jamaica, and on the other ships nearly all the battering trains for that purpose. The remainder of the fleet made all sail, and Rodney pursued, but was stopped by a calm of three days under Guadeloupe, and they escaped. Rodney sailed to Jamaica, which he had thus saved, and was received with acclamations of honour and gratitude. There, however, he received the order for his recall, and returned home. To the eternal dishonour of the Rockingham Administration, on receiving the news of this superb and most important victory—a victory which at once restored the drooping glories of Great Britain—they had not the pluck to cancel his recall, though the feeling of the country compelled the Crown to grant him a pension, and to raise him to the peerage by the title of Baron Rodney.补:写一段伪C代码

                const int pictureWidth = xxx;//跟谋划磋商好的长度 const int pictureHeight = xxx;//跟谋划磋商好的高度 for(int x = 0;x < pictureWidth;x++){ for(int y = 0;y < pictureHeight;y++){ Color c = LookUpFromConfig(x, y);//从配置表里面查到色彩 DrawToScreen(x, y, c);//画到屏幕上 } }